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Antonio Orozco

27.July.2018 | 22:00 H

The most talented artist on today’s scene.

Antonio Orozco is among the most brilliant and talented artists on Spain’s music scene and currently at a key moment in his career. His work ethic and artistic sensitivity have made Antonio Orozco the performer with the most promising future and international fame in the years to come.

With over one and a half million records sold, 9 platinum and 1 gold, Antonio Orozco is one of the most popular Spanish musicians and also the most lauded.

Antonio Orozco’s career is now well-established thanks to the 9 albums he’s released so far, containing many number 1 hits such as “Estoy hecho de pedacitos de ti”, “Dime por que”, “Devuélveme la vida”, “El viaje”, “Siempre imperfectos”, “No hay más”, “Hoy sera” and “Mi héroe”, among others.