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Els Amics
de les Arts

02.August.2017 | 22 H


Three years after their last album, Els Amics de les Arts are back. Although no introductions are needed, they will become a complete discovery for many in 2017.

Els Amics de les Arts are not newcomers, eleven years of musical trajectory, three of study and several special editions, support them. Important awards of the music industry and three Golden Records crown a fruitful career, honored in 2015 with the release of their wonderful special album 10 ANYS, which meant the beginning of a new era for them.

Els Amics de les Arts bet on every project they embark on, taking a leap forward with each record. But this time it is a big one. Special. 2017 represents already a new era with the release of their new album Un estrany poder. Once again and for the fourth time, Els Amics de Les Arts will appear on Cap Roig’s stage to perform the songs of this new record.