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Joan Dausà

03.August.2018 | 22:00 H

The most intimate Catalan performer presents his “Ara som Gegants”

2018 will be Joan Dausà’s year.

Ara Som Gegants, Joan Dausà’s third album, will be released in April. It has been produced by two of the most influential producers of the moment, Santos & Fluren, who have also worked with Love of Lesbian and Sidonie, among many others.

After a two-year break, his return raised such expectations that tickets for his concert at the Cathedral steps in Girona were sold out in just 15 hours.

Something that began as a kind of game between friends six years ago has become one of the most substantial and special proposals on today’s music scene. Two studio and one live album with songs like “Jo Mai Mai” that already form part of the country’s soundtrack, his two historic farewell concerts at El Palau de la Música (both sold out) and the Gaudi for the best original soundtrack for Barcelona Nit d’Estiu are just a few of Joan Dausà’s most significant achievements so far.