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Pablo López

19.August.2018 | 22:00 H

Malaga’s top-selling singer/songwriter with “El patio”

Pablo López is visiting the Cap Roig Festival with the Tour Santa Libertad to present Camino, fuego y libertad, his new and eagerly awaited album. “I’ve included everything in this record; my life, my stories, even my home” says López.

“El patio” is the first single from the album which the artist himself describes as “A homeless song. A search for the genuine freedom that’s lost with the façade of maturity. Laying yourself bear, once and for all, is necessarily painful and that’s what this song’s about. Sometimes you think in order to write but sometimes you scream without thinking”.

This record marks a watershed for Pablo López and is the most intimate and emotional of his career, but it still works that familiar magic of telling stories you want to listen to slowly, from beginning to end, accompanied by great melodies, arrangements and a masterful composition, as well as his unmistakable way of caressing the piano.

For the moment, Pablo López invites us to discover “El patio”… Are you coming out to play?