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02.August.2018 | 22:00 H

The most genuine singer of Spanish flamenco-pop.

A gypsy, a hugely talented artist and teacher of new generations, Rosario, the tenderest flower of the Flores family, returns to Cap Roig to present her best songs in a live show called Noches de Gloria.

Rosario returns to Cap Roig at one of the sweetest moments in her career. With a career spanning 25 years, last summer she experienced a glorious night at the Teatro Real in Madrid. Accompanied by her friends José Mercé, Niña Pastori and Ana Torroja, she performed her timeless hits in a concert which will be remembered forever in the form of an album. A major artist, Rosario is essential to understanding the mixture of pop, flamenco, rumba, funk and Latin rhythms of the last quarter century.