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Sergio Dalma

08.August.2018 | 22:00 H

Returning to Cap Roig to present Vía Dalma 3.

Sergio Dalma returns to the Italian universe with the latest chapter in his successful collection “Via Dalma”. Via Dalma III is a varied collection of songs connected by the magical reinvention of his voice, undoubtedly one of the most personal and widely recognised voices of the Latin American music scene for the last 25 years. These are songs of differing genres, from several decades and by different composers, but all stamped by Sergio Dalma’s own personal style. Powerfully evocative songs, a beautiful mosaic of the best Italian pop acquiring a whole new meaning in his voice. Now it’s time to make these songs live again. Sergio will walk along his “Via Dalma” offering the audience the very best of these Italian classics, without forgetting those successful songs that have formed a part of his career since the very beginning.