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Sílvia Pérez Cruz

31.July.2017 | 22 H


After three years playing together live, searching without prejudice and with joy, a sonority of its own, Sílvia Pérez Cruz decided to record and tour this show accompanied by five luxury accomplices under the name of the song that her parents wrote more than thirty years ago, Vestida de nit.

The quintet as the guitar, the wings, the quintet as a whole one.

Ancient wood and modern musicians brave as the sailors described in the song by her mother. Rowing from the first to the last song.

Princes from the fishing creel, heroes from the storm, friends of the good time.

A mix of borrowed songs and her own songs, old and new, most of them usual on her musical repertoire, but with a different touch.

Music arrangements of Javier Galiana de la Rosa, Joan Antoni Pich and Sílvia Pérez Cruz.

Sound engineer: Juan Casanovas

Sílvia Pérez Cruz, voice. Joan Antoni Pich, Cello. Miquel Àngel Cordero, Double Bass. Elena Rey and Carlos Montfort, violins and Anna Aldomà, viola.