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20.July.2018 | 22:00 H

The Scottish rock band that’s sold over 40 million records

“Life’s too short, let’s work it out,” is the presciently relevant chorus refrain from the lead single of Texas’ brilliant and fresh 9thstudio album, Jump On Board.

Texas have never been scared of doing their own thing, a band with rare longevity, Jump On Board marking a distinct flair, and igniting thrilling flashes of those benchmark, beloved hits; “Say What You Want”, “Halo”, “Black Eyed Boy”, “Summer Son”, songs spanning an almost thirty year career and 40 million album sales.

Jump On Board is a compassionate, fun and positive record, knowing the journey is ultimately what counts. And everyone’s invited along for the ride.

In 2017, Texas have never sounded more alive, a stunning British success story which is far from over yet, Jump On Board both a stirring regeneration and ecstatic confirmation of a lifetime’s belief in the power of universal pop.