Los Secretos

2024 edition

Jardins de Cap Roig
Start at 22h

Los Secretos' distinctive sound is made up of the guitar skills of Álvaro Urquijo, the band's leader, as well as Ramón Arroyo and Txetxu Altube. To this is added the bass of Juanjo Ramos, the characteristic piano of Jesús Redondo and the tireless drumming of Santi Fernández. Los Secretos, with their usual essence, show a renewed vitality by adding new generations to their ranks.

Iconic songs such as "Déjame", "Pero a tu lado" or "La calle del olvido", together with more recent compositions, have managed to win the affection of the audience in an exciting and deeply optimistic show. The band is committed to providing an unforgettable concert for all those who wish to join them, demonstrating once again why they are considered the most incombustible band from Madrid.