The Tyets

2024 edition

Jardins de Cap Roig
Start at 22h

The Tyets Èpic Solete second album has consolidated them as the band of the moment. Records in many fields, thousands of people at their concerts and, in short, a phenomenon that had not been seen in Catalonia for years. The Tyets have become a point of reference for young and not-so-young audiences who vibrate with every song by the duo from Mataró, filling venues and squares all over the country.

Far from stopping their activity after a frenetic 2023, in 2024 they will continue to offer new music and a new 100% reformulated live show in which energy and the desire to live and celebrate life will continue to be the main ingredients.

CaixaBank has selected The Tyets concert as the one from which all proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause with close ties to the region. This year, the funds will be supporting a project by El Trampolí, a non-profit organisation that works to promote opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to have their own life project, helping them to secure a decent personal and working life through activities that stimulate their growth and autonomy.